Smwallday – A Talented Graphic Designer

"Revival" by @Smwallday Artist Intro: My name is Shaylin Wallace (her Instagram is @Smwallday), I’m 20 years old, and I’m from Wilmington, Delaware. I’m a freelance digital artist and photographer. I’m also a full-time student at Salisbury University majoring in...

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Shagun Damadia – A Young Talent

Artist Intro: Maybe you’ve heard about @shagun51, the teen Photoshop whiz who counts @ebenofficial and @alanwalkermusic among some of his more celebrity collabs. I discovered him when he began to comment regularly on @learn_photoshop’s posts and engage with the...

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Photofied – A full time content creator

Small intro about Justin Main (@photified) : You might have already heard about @photified, if you’re following some famous photography pages on Instagram. He’s creating imaginary scenes and he became a real inspiration for other artists. You will discover in...

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Rishab Jindal – Digital Artist

Small intro about Rishab Jindal (@iamrishabjindal) : You might have already seen the work of Rishab on Instagram. I’ve discovered him I think right after I started LP on Instagram, it was around June 2016. His artwork is precise and he usually likes to create...

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